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Director: Jacques NAVARRO-ROVIRA - 52 minutes

In Anaa, an atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia, on February 8, 1906, it was a tragedy. A cyclone of unprecedented violence will lift waves of 15 meters that will sweep the island. 95 people leave their lives there. Rémy Canavesio, a young geologist a bit adventurous, wants to know what happened that day. He's going to interrogate the men and make them talk about the stones. He wants to understand how these climatic phenomena affect these islands that are at full water, and thus be able to provide solutions for the protection of island populations.

Opanipani, prisoner in Tahiti.

Director: Jacques NAVARRO-ROVIRA - 52 minutes

Under the sun of paradise, one of the worst prisons in the republic and one of the most modern. Tatutu's new prison welcomes its first residents. This is a total change for them: individual cells, leisure spaces, pilot reintegration program... This seems idyllic, and yet this bastion representative of the French state must ensure its mission taking into account the specificity of Polynesian culture.

The stars will do

Director: Eliane KOLLER - 52 minutes

This is the stories of effeminate young 'men'. Equipped with small cameras, they become the directors of their own quest for identity. We live the daily life of these extraordinary characters through their own eyes, sharing their joys, their hopes... but also their disillusionment with an integration into modern society not as assimilated as one might think.

Marae, the world of living stones

Director: Eliane KOLLER - 52 minutes

There was a time when in Polynesia men lived in unity with the elements, the stones and the afterlife. This relationship manifested itself during ceremonies on the Marae, open-air stone temples. Today, these sites are the last vestiges of this period. Let's go on a journey in a fascinating culture, unfortunately disappearing.

List of awards
  • Official selection and FIFO 2017 Tahiti People's Prize
  • Merit Award Festival Accolade 2018 by La Jolla (USA)
  • Merit Award Impact Doc Film Festival 2018 in Los Angeles (USA)
  • Nancy Documentary Encounters Festival 2018 Awards
  • Award of Recognition IndieFEST 2018 by La Jolla (USA)
  • Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary (feature, more than 40 minutes) at the 2018 Cincinnati Over The Rhine Festival (USA)
  • Excellence award at Docs Without Borders Film Festival 2018 Nassau (USA)
  • Rochefort Festival 2017 selection
  • official selection at Together 2017
  • Disability Film Festival London
  • Official selection at Wairoa Maori Film Festival 2018 Auckland New Zealand
  • Official selection at Vox Popular Media Arts Festival 2018 in Thunder Bay (USA)
  • Official selection at the Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival 2019 in Moscow (Russia).

Let's dance

Director: Jacques NAVARRO-ROVIRA - 52 minutes

Under the direction of a contemporary dancer and a traditional dancer, young Polynesian disabled people put on a dance show. They are helped by two specialized dancers from the metropolis. Exchange of knowledge, culture. emotions.

FIFO Jury Prize 2016


Director: Lala ROLLS - 52 minutes

It is the cross story of an extraordinary Tahitian, an Arioi who went on an exploration trip in 1769 accompanying the navigator James Cook, and three Polynesians of today who follow in the footsteps of their ancestor during an initiation trip.

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52-minutes documentary

Atlantis film production

Arte Broadcast.

ARTE Wunderwelte

46-minutes documentary

Production Ellafilm

ZDF/Arte broadcast.


52-minutes documentary collection

Production De films en Aiguille

Voyage / Ushuaia.


26-minutes weekly magazine

Production CFRT

Outre-mer 1ère

About us

Oceania movie

Based in French Polynesia, Oceania film was born in 2013 from the desire of a producer/director and a director/ethnologist to combine their skills to bring oceania's stories to life. We take a modern look at Oceanian culture and offer a real vision of life in the Pacific Basin. Combined with the past, the present, or evoking the future, our films are always stories of men.

Eliane Koller

Eliane Koller grew up between Germany, Kuwait and England. During her studies in Ethnology she developed her passion for audiovisual and specialized in making documentary films. Then she created the company Oxossifilm in Hamburg. Within this company she produces and produces several award-winning works, from short films to documentaries. Since 2006 she has been living and working in Tahiti. His latest documentary film, 'My Adopted Family', won the Special Jury Prize at FIFO 2012.

Eliane is vice-president of the Tahitian Association of Audiovisual Professionals (ATPA).

Benjamin Picard

Benjamin Picard grew up in French Polynesia. After studying at the International Institute of Image and Sound (IIIS) in the Paris region, he worked for ten years in Paris for film, television and the institutional sector. It then alternates between directing and image crafts, such as light, frame and digital calibration. In 2002, he returned to Fenua and created Faimanu Productions, a structure with which he produced television programmes, commercials and documentaries.

Benjamin is a founding member of the Tahitian Association of Audiovisual Professionals (ATPA).

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