Duration : 52 mn

Director : Lala ROLLS

Producer : Oceania film / Island Aotearoa Productions / Polynésie 1ère

This is the story of an extraordinary Tahitian, who left Tahiti in 1769 with the renownend Captain Cook to help him discover the Pacific. And it is also the story of three modern day Polynesians, who are following their ancestors footsteps, uncovering some remarkable facts of that past.

Let’s dance

Duration : 52 mn

Director : Jacques NAVARRO-ROVIRA

Producer : Oceania film / Beau geste / Polynésie 1ère

Two young dance teachers are coaching a 4 handicapped people to dance in a show that combines contemporary and traditional Polynesian dance. Two specialists have come from France to help them with this courageous and heartwarming venture. An exchange of knowledge, culture.. and emotions.

Our latest productions

Marae, the world of living stones

The stars will do

Opanipani, prisoner in Tahiti

Duration : 52 mn

Director : Eliane KOLLER

Producer : Oceania film / France TV

Once upon a time in Polynesia, men lived in unity with the elements, the stones and the afterworld. This relationship became clear during their ceremonies on the Marae, their open-air temples. Today, those sites are the last remnants of that period. Join us on a trip into the heart of this fascinating culture, which is, unfortunately, becoming extinct.
Duration : 54 mn

Director : Eliane Koller

Producer : Oceania film 

This is the story of several young ‘effeminate‘ men, RaeRae or Mahu, as they’re called in French Polynesia. Equiped with little cameras, they become the directors of their own identity quest.
Duration : 52 mn

Director : Jacques NAVARRO-ROVIRA

Producer : Oceania film / Cercle Bleu / France TV

Under the sun of paradise lie two prisons worth mentioning: one of the worst of France, and one of it’s most modern prisons. Tautu, the new prison, is welcoming it’s inhabitants. For the latter, this comes with a big change: individual cells, leisure space, and a brand new programme of reinsertion. All seemingly idyllic. But this prestigious stronghold of the French state must make sure to fulfill it’s mission taking the specifictiy of Polynesian culture into close consideration.